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Why Women Love Body Jewelry ?

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Body jewelry can be described as jewelry worn on various non traditional parts of a woman’s body such as her navel, ankle, back and nose as well as erogenous areas of her body that is viewable only by persons of her choosing.

Simply put wearing body jewelry or tattoos is a manner of self expression. Put a tattoo on one’s body or wearing a piece of jewelry in a non conventional location is all about personal choice and expressing who you are.

Women in India have long adorned themselves with beads, rhinestones and other semi precious jewels that are stuck onto their faces, upper arms, stomachs and other portions of their bodies. Their culture sees nothing wrong with this method of self adornment and neither do I. The lack of permanence is a primary factor in seeing no problem with it as once a woman decides to remove the jewelry there is no scar or other permanent remnant of the jewelry.

These body jewelry items are quite beautiful as the Bindi’s or forehead art is instantly recognizable as Indian in origin and exotic in nature. Considered a symbol of Parvati (Lord Shiva’s wife), a bindi signifies female energy.

This ancient are may consist of many types of bindis, mang tikas which is jewelry worn at the center part of the scalp. The end of the tika has a hook that is pinned to your hair while the other end of the tika hangs down on your forehead. There are also many armlets as well as decorative armbands that are worn to beautify the woman’s body being very decorative and colorful.

Wearing removable art on the breasts, over the eyes on the arms or stomach is both mystical and magical and the world is catching the exotic fever of women wearing these items of body jewelry not done in this culture.

Expect to see more of these unique and enticing body jewelry items in the future as Indian culture continues to be better understood and appreciated in the U.S. Indian fashions may seem foreign to most Americans but the beauty and simplicity of these iconic images in India will continue to fascinate people all over the world.