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Engagement Rings

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

An engagement ring is a finger band that a woman wears either on her left or right hand as a sign that she is about to be married. Convention has it that an engagement rings is a betrothal gift presented by a man to his future wife while proposing marriage or immediately after the woman has accepted his intention. A man may choose from a variety of styles and designs of engagement rings.

Engagement rings symbolize unity and love. Tiffany rings are famous for high quality and magnificent designs. It is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so get the most of it.

First you will need an input from the bride you can comment casually on a ring you see that might prompt her to find out what she likes, you can also asks her love ones. Take also into account her personality and interests.

Second, choose the shape and look of the ring, there are 9 shapes: round, square, emerald, pear, markis, princess, cushion, asscher and heart shape.

Third, decide the size of the diamond, diamonds come in sizes that are called carats, one carat is the size of a green pea.

Next decide on the clarity, color and cut of the diamond, diamonds come in several colors from transparent to yellow, clarity can be flawless which is the most expansive until I3 that is considered the most flawed, the cut of the diamond decide the reflective quality of the diamond and have a big affect on the look of it, it runs from ideal to fair and poor that is the most unreflective again this quality has a strong affect on the look of the diamond.

Before buying any ring ask the seller for a grading report, a certificate filed by an independent gemological lab that confirms the qualities of the diamond, also before shopping do some price comparison sometimes ware houses offer better prices then retail stores.

Gold Diamond Jewelry

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Gold Diamond jewelry has repeatedly proved to be a valuable possession for people over centuries. Men and women present these types of gifts to the most loved ones. People treasure these gifts. These gifts are valued by the person who gives as well person who takes. Gold diamond jewelry is possibly the best way to convey your love to your loved ones. These jewelries are universally accepted in the form of the most precious gifts like wedding bands, engagement rings and crosses.
Diamond rings are preferred by people as a symbol of status and has always been a special gift for women over time. White gold is very common in earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. They are usually made from yellow gold by using zinc, nickel and palladium in the alloy. The white palladium alloys are soft in nature and are best for setting gemstones. The white gold is available up to 21 carat.
Such white gold when unified with diamond, it makes a special effect. It is a unique combination to design the best gold diamond jewelry for your most loved one. Usually gold is of three types; yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. The diamond price and quality is determined by the cut clarity, color and carat of a piece of diamond.
Check out some basic information while purchasing gold diamond jewelry:
* If you have to purchase a wedding ring, opt for a gold ring. It is the most popular choice. People prefer gold diamond rings as the best form of engagement ring
. However the gold ring may be with or without a diamond.
* Gold and diamond is categorized according to carat. In case of gold, the standard form is 9K, 14K, 18K or 24K.
* Gold diamond rings are in great demand. Diamond itself is a very precious stone and a rare gem. Gold is durable.
* If you use a gold diamond jewelry for long and very frequently, it can remove the polish. However, gold can gain back its original luster as it is polished in the jewelry stores. Both diamond and gold have high quality properties. So their luster and radiance can be retained for a long time.
There is a wide variety of jewelry available today. But the use of gold diamond jewelry has been the most preferable usage of jewelry over time.