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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, the question of what metal type to choose will invariably come up. Although whatever your choice, platinum engagement ring, or white gold engagement ring, you are certainly a winner, there are however certain distinguishing characteristics between the two metals.
Platinum Rings

Platinum is a heavier and denser metal than white gold and is more expensive than gold which contains a combination of alloys. Platinum rings are extremely appealing for the following reasons:

* Platinum is incredibly durable (much more so than white gold.)
* Platinum will hold your loose diamond or gemstone more securely than white gold which is a softer, more pliable metal.
* Platinum develops a beautiful sheen or patina over time.
* Platinum rings are hypoallergenic and will resist tarnishing better than gold.

Gold Rings

Gold rings are much less expensive than platinum rings and have the following characteristics:

* Gold will not scratch as easy as platinum.
* Because gold also contains other alloys its color will fluctuate depending on the purity of the gold that is used.
* Gold will tend to fade eventually and will require repolishing.

Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Jewelry’s resistibility has never faded. Both men and women have yearned to possess the tasteful gleam and subsequent power obtained by possessing those awe-inspiring precious gemstones, respectively. Similarly, Queen Victoria ardently loved jewelry. They say that, the Victorian era was a banal one. However, it was the time, when she, along with her fellow countrymen was magnetically enthralled by newer and fashionable designs created during her reign. Enticing hued-gemstone jewelry has always been alluring women of all ages since centuries. Modern days are offering a largely broadened horizon for customers, to choose their favorite gemstone jewelry. Regardless of demand or price range, the markets remain flooded with various newer and innovative artful conceptions.

Moreover, thanks to internet that has made online gemstone jewelry buying as convenient and authentic as buying at a retailer’s showroom. However customers should be certain about buying their vibrantly hued jewelry which is natural or manmade. Color is the main buying point to keep in mind. Color is the main factor which affects price of the gemstone jewelry, followed by other factors like cut, clarity carat weight etc. Color also talks about various shades available within a particular gemstone. For example, in blue sapphire, there is that vividly transparent and crisp-looking blue stone in gleaming moonlit white gold.

In addition, saturated darker tones of the blue shade are also offered, making it less costly as compared to its transparent cousin. Similar case is seen in other stones like ruby, tanzanite, emerald etc. Thus, it is always preferred to look for the right color. Because it is color that’s ultimately responsible for the sale of gemstone jewelry. Just like the right blend of spices can raise the status of a recipe to a gourmet, likewise, the right combination of color, hue, and saturation can lead you to acquire that magical sparkling captivation of gemstones.Colored Gemstones and Gemstone Colored Rings