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Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, the question of what metal type to choose will invariably come up. Although whatever your choice, platinum engagement ring, or white gold engagement ring, you are certainly a winner, there are however certain distinguishing characteristics between the two metals.
Platinum Rings

Platinum is a heavier and denser metal than white gold and is more expensive than gold which contains a combination of alloys. Platinum rings are extremely appealing for the following reasons:

* Platinum is incredibly durable (much more so than white gold.)
* Platinum will hold your loose diamond or gemstone more securely than white gold which is a softer, more pliable metal.
* Platinum develops a beautiful sheen or patina over time.
* Platinum rings are hypoallergenic and will resist tarnishing better than gold.

Gold Rings

Gold rings are much less expensive than platinum rings and have the following characteristics:

* Gold will not scratch as easy as platinum.
* Because gold also contains other alloys its color will fluctuate depending on the purity of the gold that is used.
* Gold will tend to fade eventually and will require repolishing.

Fingerprint Jewelry Charms

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Fingerprint Charms are custom made one at a time by hand in the USA. Usually the thumb provides the best fingerprint. a good fingerprint has distinctive lines and definition. Once the fingerprint is received by our fingerprint jewelry designers, a digital version is created. The artist will then focus on the most interesting portion of the print and crop that area of the fingerprint and digitally clean the fingerprints edges for a clean crisp edge. Then the digital fingerprint is transformed by a computer assisted manufacturing device that lets the jeweler create a wax mold of the image. Once the mold is made the jewelery designer uses the old age process of the lost wax casting method to create a personal fingerprint charm. The lost wax jewelry charm process is as follows: The wax mold, called a pattern, is first weighed so the amount of metal required to fill the mold (gold, silver, etc.) can be determined. Then the mold is attached to a base, and a flask is slipped over the base. Once the mold is in the flask, a kind of plaster that looks like pan cake batter called investment, is mixed up, put in a vacuum to get all the air bubbles out of it, and then poured into the flask. It is then left to dry and harden. This takes a minimum of two hours.

Once the investment is dried, the base and flask are removed. Now the piece is put into an oven to burn out the wax. Next a centrifuge is used to force the melted metal into the investment mold. Finally, the piece is cleaned up by filing and polishing the one of a kind fingerprint jewelry.