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Guide for the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

You must wear your jewelry and not have the jewelry wear you, at least on your wedding day this should be the case. But what happens with most weddings is that the bride is very happy and pumped up to look the best she’s ever looked, jewelry and make up seems to lose importance over everything else and your jewelry might just outshine you which is not the ideal situation on your own wedding.

The rings, for example are very important pieces of jewelry on your wedding. The wedding ring is obviously coming and you need to remember its importance when you are dressing up for the wedding day. The wedding ring should be the centerpiece jewelry of the day and in order to keep it that way you should also make sure that your hand and fingers aren’t already covered with jewelry. Or wearing a very elegant and simple or nothing at all and those should be enough for your hands.

When you are choosing the other pieces of jewelry for the wedding make sure that they all go well with your wedding dress. If you are wearing a white dress, pink stones on your necklace would just be a suicide on your part. So you need to make sure that the dress you are wearing goes well with the jewelry you choice and most of all your dress should not be overpowered by your jewelry. There is nothing as pretty as keeping it simple.

Your skin tone and your hair should also be maintained in a way that will go well with the jewelry you are wearing. Try and keep everything as simple as possible. Avoid any kind of jewelry on your feet, for example diamonds on your shoes, etc. would only take attention away from the wedding band and your dress, costume itself which is not your ultimate goal.