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Hip Hop Iced cz Bling Bling Bracelet

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Pump it up! Make a fashion statement in this Hip Hop style totally ices out simulated diamond cz bracelet.

Hip-hop jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes, all of them meant to catch the eye and attract attention. Heavy chains of silver or gold (or both) can oftentimes be seen on celebrities such as LL Cool J and Ja Rule in their music videos. Hip-hop jewelry web sites offer fully ‘iced-out’ bling-bling, or watches, rings, bracelets and earrings that are heavily decorated with real or faux diamonds. So-called ‘spinner’ watches and rings are big best sellers in the hip-hop jewelry category. Also available are customized, removable gold, silver and platinum teeth which may be studded with jewels and gemstones, so even the pearly whites can have their share of hip-hop jewelry.

Engagement Rings

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

An engagement ring is a finger band that a woman wears either on her left or right hand as a sign that she is about to be married. Convention has it that an engagement rings is a betrothal gift presented by a man to his future wife while proposing marriage or immediately after the woman has accepted his intention. A man may choose from a variety of styles and designs of engagement rings.

Engagement rings symbolize unity and love. Tiffany rings are famous for high quality and magnificent designs. It is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so get the most of it.

First you will need an input from the bride you can comment casually on a ring you see that might prompt her to find out what she likes, you can also asks her love ones. Take also into account her personality and interests.

Second, choose the shape and look of the ring, there are 9 shapes: round, square, emerald, pear, markis, princess, cushion, asscher and heart shape.

Third, decide the size of the diamond, diamonds come in sizes that are called carats, one carat is the size of a green pea.

Next decide on the clarity, color and cut of the diamond, diamonds come in several colors from transparent to yellow, clarity can be flawless which is the most expansive until I3 that is considered the most flawed, the cut of the diamond decide the reflective quality of the diamond and have a big affect on the look of it, it runs from ideal to fair and poor that is the most unreflective again this quality has a strong affect on the look of the diamond.

Before buying any ring ask the seller for a grading report, a certificate filed by an independent gemological lab that confirms the qualities of the diamond, also before shopping do some price comparison sometimes ware houses offer better prices then retail stores.