How to Take Care of Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, but they aren’t indestructible and can be damaged or dulled. Caring for a diamond takes more than the occasional cleaning. Diamonds are forever, but they can be damaged if you are not careful. By learning how to properly care for your diamond, you will ensure that your diamond is indeed forever. Caring for a diamond is fairly simple and there are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your precious stone. With these helpful guidelines, you can keep your precious jewelry safe and preserve its eternal state.

Wearing diamond jewelry properly

The first tip is on how to wear diamond jewelry properly. Even if it is an everyday piece, like a ring or earring, it is always better to remove it while exercising or doing any other physical exercise. This will make sure that your diamond does not get scratched accidentally. Another time when you shouldn’t be wearing your diamond ring is when using household cleaners. The chemicals in the cleaners can actually erode a diamond. Chlorine bleach is one of main culprits to watch out for.

Storing diamond pieces

Next tip is on how to store your diamond pieces. You can either keep them in separate boxes or use a jewelry box with compartments. This will make sure both your diamond jewelry and your other jewelry stays safe as neither will be scratched. Never keep your diamond jewelry and your pearl jewelry together.

Taking to a reputed jeweler

As for care, the first thing you should do is taking it to a reputed jeweler at least once a year. Your jeweler will check for loose clasps or settings are reset those that have become unsteady. You can lose a valuable piece if you don’t take this maintenance tip seriously as wear and tear can make the jewelry weak and vulnerable. Your jeweler will also thoroughly clean the piece for you as well.

Using an ultrasonic cleanser

One of the ways a professional jeweler cleans your diamond jewelry is by using an ultrasonic cleanser. In this process, high frequency sound waves are passed through a solution of detergent and water in which your pieces are submerged. The advice here is always better to go for professional help in such cases.

Washing with ammonia based cleaner

The simplest way to care for your diamond jewelry at home is to wash it with ammonia based cleaner. Soak your jewelry in a solution of such a cleaner and water for the night and in the morning, use a soft brush to gently rub the stone. Your old toothbrush can be a great cleaning tool in this regard.

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