Hip Hop Jewelry

When a new rap artist or artists emerge onto the music scene what has now become a business standard for them is branding one’s name or group name. What that means is the artist becoming a “brand” name and learns to diversify the brand name. One of the most competitive aspects to become a name brand is marketing and establishing certain accessible items such as rap jewelry, clothes, shoes, music and films. Hip hop jewelry is a commodity that has name brand jewelry designers in competition with the rap artist or artists for the consumer dollar.

The jewelry is often imitated, duplicated and sold from high-end retailers to the smallest retailer (mom and pop) stores. In the world of hip hop, less sometimes-mean nothing and grand means everything. The larger and more exaggerated the jewelry piece the more the artist stands out and at times in an unintentional mocking way. This type of jewelry can be inexpensively priced to very expensively priced.

The rap artist creates competition from the establish jewelry design houses and from other artists which can benefit the consumer. For years certain established retails stores, fashion designers and jewelry design companies, stayed far away from anything remotely to do with hip hop culture but now since corporate America sees the dollar value of hip hop, everyone wants to be part of this world.

There are companies that are loyal to these communities and specialize in producing various products geared at that consumer base either exclusively or predominately towards that particular consumer base. Underground designers have an opportunity to take back the creative standards and compete on a new playing field by creating beautiful high-end jewelry that competes with the expensive jewelry designers. In the world of business turn about is fair play so is competition.

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