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What professional services are guaranteed by Gemsbrokers?

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Gemsbrokers offer on-site professional testing services and guarantees the authenticity of the gems transacted in our offices. If we have any doubt, we will have the stone checked by a major laboratory. If by mistake a synthetic gem (or any other type of fraudulent merchandise, with the exception of stable thermal treatments on authentic gems) passes through the hands of our testing experts without being detected, the buyer has a period of three months to return the stone. He will be reimbursed through the Manager of the trading office and heavy charges will be brought against the broker. Included of course in the Gemsbrokers guarantee is the confidentiality of the transactions.

Gemstone Jewelry

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

You can decide whether classic pearl jewelry making jewelry or make no one has ever seen, perhaps mother-of-pearl. Create your own jewelry accessories has never been easier. For bonding all types of fabrics, we recommend Bison textiles; for bonding of something else, whether it is accessories for leather goods, shoes or anything else, you can count on Uhu Plus. Institutions are an important element in jewelry.

The jewelry chain is a balance between the aesthetic beauty, process engineering and production quality. The broad sector on goods ranging from the smallest chains, wires and links to sheets of copper to steel or aluminum mesh, with beads or rhinestones. They come in many forms, some chains, but also with a normal chain closure, can easily be a simple, modern belts, jewelry and a complete accessories.