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All About Sports Watches

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Sports watches are probably the most popular, versatile, and objectively useful. Many people (especially the types who can afford luxury products) are very committed to maintaining an active, adventurous lifestyle.

Though there are many types, colors, styles, and builds of sports watches, a physically active person has to hunt for the right watch that will be a good fit for them. One thing to take into consideration is the extent to which a watch is waterproof- someone who can’t swim will have different needs from a diver, a kayaker, or a deep-sea diver. Another important aspect is altitude- a pilot has very different needs from a mountain climber who has different needs from someone who lives in the Los Angeles basin. So whether worn on land, sea, or air, sports watches sport (excuse the pun) different features and technologies to accommodate.

For example, since most divers only descend to specific depths, the extent to which a watch is waterproof and can resist the pressure of the ocean varies from 10 feet to 660. Some watches even requires something called a crown winder button in order to activate the waterproofing function. Many Omega watches, for example, demonstrate this function. Another aspect of sports watches is whether or not they have glowing parts- a spelunker would have no use for a watch that didn’t include a light or at least some luminescent markers, while a hiker may find such things superfluous.

Also, some sports rely heavily on stopwatch capability, which some watches can provide. Chronographs have several subdials to keep track of different increments of time, including, sometimes, a stopwatch. Some sports watches will include many different timers and alarms, and some come equipped with pedometers to track footsteps.

For the seamen and sailors among us, many sports watches have compasses built in, and a tidegraph subdial that can be used to track the tides in dozens of cities the world over.

All of this variety and all of these wonderful, useful, and whimsical functions are not the only attractive thing about owning a sports watch- many are made with the same high level of craftsmanship and beauty as other luxury watches, with special styles and bands that can be worn even to the highest class occasion. The Tag Heuer Aquaracer, for example, is a gorgeously crafted watch with all the precision, durability, and function of a sports watch.

Sports watches are also very popular because they come in a wider range of prices than do many straight luxury watches. TAG watches, for example, tend to be less ostentatious and more reasonably prices than, say, a Rolex.

How To Choosing Silver Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The wedding day is one of the most special times in a persons life, so you want every detail to be perfect. Whether you are the bride herself and planning a wedding ceremony or you have some say in what everyone wears, don’t forget to think about the jewelry! The wedding jewelry that is worn by the bride and her bridesmaids should have a unique yet harmonious look, and it is important to think about this beforehand. If you are in charge of the wedding jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind, although silver is always a great choice when it comes to decking everyone out for a wedding.

Silver is a wonderfully cool metal, and it looks great on a variety of skin tones. It is also less expensive than gold, and sterling silver, silver that has been alloyed with a small amount of copper, is an excellent choice to avoid wear and tear. When you are looking for silver wedding jewelry, remember to look for silver that has had some rhodium mixed in to improve the gloss and the shine, giving it a beautifully dramatic luster. Remember to find the jewelry that best suits the bride, in terms of both style and glitter.

One way to integrate silver into the wedding party is through necklaces. First, think about the neckline of the dresses, both the bride’s and the bridemaids’.
You’ll find that if the gowns are low cut or sleeveless, a silver necklace that falls to rest right above the cleavage is a great way to call attention to the beauty of the wedding part. For a higher cut of gown, consider getting silver necklaces that are a little snugger to the neck. Keep in mind the fact that the silver necklaces should avoid just grazing the neckline. This makes the entire look too busy and unplanned. Make sure that the pendant on the silver necklace sits squarely on skin or on the gown itself. You can also add silver earrings to the mix and the best way to do this by keeping the hairstyles in mind. Long hair usually frames long earrings quite well, but if the hair is going to mostly be up, look for smaller, more square earrings.

When you are looking for great silver necklaces, there are many charms and pendants that you can choose from. Not only are they an important part of the full scope of the outfit, they are also a great way to give the bridesmaids a beautiful little souvenir to take home. You can have small silver tablets that have an inscription on them with the date and the names of the bride and groom, or you can find charms that are a little more abstract and decorative. If you want a colourful and striking mix why not go for India Jewelry or even something like Swarovski crystal jewelry – this works so well with silver and offers an abundance of different coloured crystals to match any outfir or occasion.